Create Your Listing

Create & edit your business listing, make sure to add photos, social media links, & session rates.  The more information you provide the more helpful it is for clients.



Create a free online scheduler and embed it on your coach profile page.



Become familiar with Zoom online meetings.

Creating & Editing Your Business Listing

Coach Listing Setup

  • Remember to Ad Your Social Media and/or Website Links
  • Ad Photos to your Listing
  • Feature Photo – Is the photo clients will see on the Find a Coach page and could also be seen on our homepage.
  • Size Recommendations – 450 x 300,  562 x 375, or 1125 x 750
  • Banner Photos – These are the photos that will be displayed at the top of your listing page.
  • You can have 1 – 5 images displayed here.  They will be automatically cropped to fit the listing page.
  • Size Recommendations – Images with a height of 375px should display without any reduction in quality.


Connecting Social Media to your Business Listing

Connecting your online Scheduler to your Coach Profile Listing


  • Is free online scheduler you can embed on your personal listing.
  • Acuity is embedded the same way as Calendly, but with Acuity you will need to select the “Booking Button” option.



  • Is a free online scheduler you can embed on your personal listing.
  • Using advanced Calendly options you can send automatic Zoom links and  process coaching session payments through your personal Paypal/Stripe account.

Zoom Online Meetings


  • Zoom is the free online service we use for online coaching sessions.  To understand more about Zoom and how it works click on the links below.

If you would like us to add a new coaching category or have any additional questions, please us at support@lifecoachingheadquarters.com.